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You made possible the school inauguration!

This school for children ages 3-11 was completed during our last trip. Doors, windows, electrical, bathrooms and more were donated just in time for the 2018-2019 school year in Barahona, Dominican Republic.

You helped us feed the hungry!

During our missions trip, we were able to feed hundreds of hungry families at our events. Meals they would not have had otherwise were prepared with love by local cooks, who we were able to bless with employment.


No one should go to bed hungry, and together we are working towards that one plate at a time.

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You assisted in extending provision to many!

Over 400 children were provided backpacks filled with clothing, toys and hygienic products as a result of your generosity. 

School supplies were also donated to the school, to ensure no student is in need of anything to advance their education.

You helped us spread the love of Christ!

We were able to reach hundreds of lives bringing God's love to an orphanage, senior center, neighborhoods, area leaders and local churches.

We provided toys, clothing, hygiene items and most importantly, we shared the Word of God.

Hundreds of people gave their life to Jesus during our visit, helping them build a foundation for what is to come.


You allowed us to educate the community!

We are tackling all the topics that are oppressing the growth of this community.


Hundreds of adults were educated in various subjects such as hygiene, nutrition, family planning, parenting, agriculture and entrepreneurship. These free workshops were interactive and allowed the community to grow in areas and topics they are struggling in.

You donated!

Thanks to you generous donations, we were able to send provision to hundreds of families in the Dominican Republic.

Click below to learn more about our current project in Barahona, Dominican Republic!
We need YOUR help in order to continue helping to transform this community and extend this blessing to other nations.
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