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I've been a Christian for most of my life, but I never experienced fully the benefits of being one. For many years I attended church on Sundays, but when Monday came, I went back to my normal life not knowing how to apply what I learnt at church.

It wasn’t until I understood the concept that God is the only one who can transform our lives and any situation we are in, that I was able to surrender my life and truly be transformed.

During my transformational walk with the Lord, I learned that we are a team with God and it’s necessary that I do the natural so the Lord can do the supernatural in my life.

Day-by-day and step-by-step the Lord started to transform my life and during that process I was able to find the purpose and calling for my life. I was able to find my identity and my way of thinking; speaking and interacting with others changed forever.

Today, I help tens of thousands of women all over the world transform their lives with God’s Word one step at a time by sharing the knowledge, tools and wisdom the Lord has imparted over my life. I teach them to do the natural so God can do the supernatural in their lives.


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