After arriving to the United States with only a luggage full of dreams, $10 in her pockets and without speaking the language, Diana had to learn to overcome her fears and build up her confidence. Through God's Word, Diana found the tools she needed to take charge of her life and emotions and find her identity in Christ in order to chase and achieve all the dreams God had placed in her heart.

Over the years, Diana overcame struggles, such as low self esteem, being overweight, insecurities, and all the obstacles women come across throughout their lives. Today, Diana teaches people the tools and practical steps they need to become all God has called them to be.

Here is the story of her calling...

For years, Diana’s life seemed to be under control. She had a great position making decent money in one of the biggest corporations in New York City.  She was achieving her dreams, traveling every year to exotic places and living a good life. Since Diana studied Psychology and life coaching, she was always busy setting up high goals for herself and pursuing dreams to live a life full of purpose.

Everything seemed to be working perfectly for Diana except for one thing: she wasn’t pursuing God’s calling for her life. Day after day, Diana was feeling a void in her heart that nothing seemed to be filling. There was no trip, money or friends who were able to fill in that void.


Finally, Diana realized that she needed to surrender her talents and visions to the Lord and she shifted all priorities in her life. She started to spend more time with the Lord to seek His purpose for her. She started surrendering her life to Him like never before.  She put God first in all her habits and routines, and the Lord revealed His calling for her life.


The Lord wanted her to awaken people all over the world to show them how they can accomplish everything they set their mind to with His help, how they can live happier and balanced lives and how they can achieve all the dreams in their life and become all God has called them to become, just like Diana was experiencing it. This will be accomplished by teaching people practical steps they can apply in their life so they can do the natural and God can do the supernatural. 

Diana withdrew from her position in the city, her comfortable salary and lifestyle to start a non profit ministry while depending 100% on the Lord.  Now she shares the road map to success in all areas of life around the world through conferences, workshops, videos and books sharing transformational steps based in God's Word.

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