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Have Good Self-Esteem: Walk in His Truth, Feel Empowered and Act With Confidence.


This is a program that will help you step-by-step understand and improve the way God wants you to think, talk, feel and see yourself.



  • Spirit – Who God says we are. Learn to know yourself.
  • Mind, Will and Emotions – Renewing your thoughts. Transform the way you think and speak. Learn to control your emotions.
  • Body – Loving and cultivating God’s home. Learn to love yourself and your body as you are. Implement practical changes that will help you value your body more.
  • Steps Summary – Practical day-to-day steps and tools to improve your self-esteem
  • What’s Next? – A brighter future. Create a plan for your future.


Bonus CD: Wear Your Crown Every Day


Daily uplifting messages to help you start your day right and lift up your self-esteem.

31 truths of what the Lord says about you – One for each day of the month!

Invest 5 minutes in yourself every day and enjoy its benefits!




  • This workshop has transformed the way I see myself. Today I feel stronger and I face life with courage. -Angela Jones
  • Now, every day I remember who I am in Christ. I am not longer affected by what the world think of me. Thanks Diana for this transformational workshop. -Lauren Evans
  • My self-esteem improved completely. I’m not the same insecure woman I used to be. Now I can face the world with confidence and this has opened many doors in my walk. -Marie Hall
  • There are no words to express how grateful I am with God and this workshop. My problems with insecurity have been eliminated. Today I can see myself in the mirror and accept and love myself as I am. I learned to accept myself and be grateful for what I have and who I am. -Sandra Gomez
  • I, Beth Martin, can guarantee that this workshop will transform your life and the way you see yourself. You will learn to love, respect and value yourself more. My family noticed the change immediately. I am very happy with my new identity. Thank you Jesus for showing me who I am and you Diana for reminding me. – Beth Martin


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If you are interested to bring this workshop to your church and enjoy 4 hours of teaching contact us at:

Discover God’s Power That is In You