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Help Diana Bryant Ministries reach more people around the world!


Partnership is putting together efforts to help others in moments of need. Being a partner at Diana Bryant Ministries is a personal commitment to support the ministry with your prayers and regular giving.  


Everyone has a different way of giving and some give weekly and others on a monthly basis. Any amount that you decide to donate to help this ministry grow will be a blessing to people in need, so truly there is not a minimum dollar amount to be a partner to Diana Bryant Ministries.  

A lot of people don’t have the time to commit to helping others on a one-to-one basis, so they chose to support this ministry monetarily so we can continue reaching people in need.  



Diana Bryant Ministries is committed to not just helping people transform their lives, live a more fulfilling and balanced life, but to bring hope to people in need in undeveloped countries all over the world.  

Our partners make this possible! 

YOU are the reason we are able to provide FREE weekly guidance and advice to people to help improve their lives, to provide shelter for the homeless, build schools, feed and clothe children in developing nations, and to develop faith building & life transformational resources for people all over the world.  

In addition, you help us help women who have suffered domestic violence, have been abandoned by their partners or were  widowed. We provide the emotional and spiritual resources they need, and the support to help them get back on track.

The testimonies we receive from our outreach are amazing! Relationships have been restored, lives have been transformed, and thousands of families have received the shelter and education they need to live fulfilling lives.  

If you feel in your heart to partner with us and the Lord has confirmed your desire, don’t hesitate — sign up today:

Recurring Donation

*You will need to check the box "Make this a monthly donation" on the next page.

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